Made by blending Cerasuola, Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice. This olive oil is particularly tasty, with a strong flavour, but at the same time balanced thanks to the softness of Biancolilla variety.  Serve with all Mediterranean dishes.


Made by blending Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice. Those olive varieties creates a delicate and light flavour, fitting with both raw and cooked food, since it does not prevaricate the dish main taste. Particularly fitting delicate dishes like fish and vegetables.


The oil obtained by pressing Cerasuola olives is characterized by the strong fruity flavour with an aromatic tone of mature tomato and thyme. At tasting bitter and spicy prevail, but it is possible to feel also a sweet spike. For this reason the name of the variety is inspired from “cirasa” (cherry). Serve with soups, red meet or aged cheese.


This oil is obtained by the native and rare Piddicuddara variety.  The flavour is spicy, bitter and hot, the taste is rich and strong. Its consistency is not much fluid and for this reason it persist in the palate. It is suggested to savor it on warm bread in order to appreciate its pure uniqueness.  Also adapt for grilled meet seasoning.


The origins of this cultivar lie on the ancient people of Elimi. They  introduce this kind of olive trees to Greek of Selinunte and Segesta. The oil obtained from this cultivar, very rare and fine, is slightly fruity, with sensations of almonds, artichock, tomato leaves. The flavour is sweet with a little presence of spicy and bitter. Serve with raw food, fish or to enrich breads.


We called this particular oil as the place where young plants and centuries-old trees grow together. The sharped slope, the wind the air and the white soil give to this oil peculiar organolectic characteristics, the process to obtain the product is 100% done with cold pressing of mature olives. Flavour and taste are unique and undescribable, only tasting it you can feel its goodness.  

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