Type: monocultivar – Giarraffa

Harvest: by hand

Pressing: mechanic cold pressing, two phase mill, not filtered

Our memories goes to our childhood when our mother and grandmother cooked the “pastina” (little pasta) with oil for us. Every time they brought the spoon close to out wide open mouth, they said “Àmmini!!”. Nowadays we searched the meaning of this term and we found out that it derives from the Arabian word that indicates the having care and loving someone. So, we decided to call Àmmini our childhood EVO oil, the good oil with which we grew up.

The origins of the ancient Giarraffa cultivar go to the ancient people called “Elimi”. This people introduced the cultivar to Greeks in Segesta and Selinunte areas.

The obtained EVO oil is really rare and valuable, lightly fruity with shades of almond, artichocke and tomato leaf. The taste is definitely sweet with light shades of bitter and spicy in the aftertaste.

Pairings: adapt for dressing raw food, on seafood or to enhance flavor of bread, flatbread and on the “pastina”!

Note: Our EVO oil is not filtered, it is just decanted for about one month in steel bins. Possible residues on the bottom of the container do not compromise the product quality, on the contrary, they contain antioxydant (poliphenols). Those have a dual function: they are healty substances and help the oil itself to stay fresh.