Type: monocultivar – Piddicuddara

Harvest: by hand

Pressing: mechanic cold pressing, two phase mill, not filtered

How many Piddicuddara olives make one oil “cafisu”? We choose a typical Sicilian unit of measure to name this EVO oil. Piddicuddara is an autochthonous variety, very rare, that needs attention and expertise for the correct harvest. The fruit is well bounded to the branch by the footstalk “piddicuddu”; this means that it is difficult to remove it and the harvest is slow and hard. “Tantu travagghiu pi un cafisu d’ogghiu(lot o  work for one oil cafisu) would say grandma Rosalia.

At taste is  spicy, bitter and chili, the flavour is strong and rich. The consistency is poorly fluid and persistent on average.

Pairings: it is suggested to taste it alone on hot bread, to appreciate the pure flavor. Also adapt to enrich meat and legumes soups.

Note: Our EVO oil is not filtered, it is just decanted for about one month in steel bins. Possible residues on the bottom of the container do not compromise the product quality, on the contrary, they contain antioxydant (poliphenols). Those have a dual function: they are healty substances and help the oil itself to stay fresh.