Type: blend – Nocellara del Belìce, Biancolilla, Cerasuola, Giarraffa and Pidiccuddara

Harvest: by hand

Pressing: mechanic cold pressing, two phase mill, not filtered

We named this EVO oil like the location where the olives grow. In this place there are old trees that our grandfather Leonardo took care when bought the land from mister “Canaddunaschi” and youg plants that our father Leonardo derived from old trees.

Canaddunaschi is a steep slope where the breeze and the white ground contribute to give special organoleptic characteristics to this EVO oil, obtained from a careful cold pressing of ripe olives. Its flavor and smell are unique and undescribable, you can understand its goodness only by trying it!

Pairings: good for raw seasoning, in particular on raw veggies, light soups and hot Sicilian bread.

Awards:   The WineHunterRosso – 2018

Note: Our EVO oil is not filtered, it is just decanted for about one month in steel bins. Possible residues on the bottom of the container do not compromise the product quality, on the contrary, they contain antioxydant (poliphenols). Those have a dual function: they are healty substances and help the oil itself to stay fresh.