Type: monocultivar – Cerasuola

Harvest: by hand

Pressing: mechanic cold pressing, two phase mill, not filtered

Smell, flavor, fragrance: all sinthesised in one single word “ciàvuru” that it is released when a bottle of Cerasuola oil is opened.

This EVO oil has a strong fruity flavor with sensation on ripe tomato and thyme. At taste bitter prevails but it is present a sweet edge, that’s why the name of the Cerasuola olive reminds to “cirasa” (cherry).

Pairings: taste it on soups, red meat and seasoned cheese.

Note: Our EVO oil is not filtered, it is just decanted for about one month in steel bins. Possible residues on the bottom of the container do not compromise the product quality, on the contrary, they contain antioxydant (poliphenols). Those have a dual function: they are healty substances and help the oil itself to stay fresh.