Who we are

The “Società Agricola Le Sette Aje di Cannata Rosalia e S.lle” is a family firm that inheritates the almost 100 years of Cannata’s family agricultural activity.

It was established by “grandfather” Leonardo, around 1916, when the majority of the lands were acquired from him. Later the lands were inheritated by Giovanni, Leonardo’s son, in 1961 and from 2000s the lands were managed by Leonardo, Giovanni’s son.

From 2005, Leonardo’s daughters , Rosalia, Cristina, Agata and Gabriella, are cooperating in the firm management and formally, in 2017, the “Società Agricola Le Sette Aje di Cannata Rosalia e S.lle” is present and active in the market.


We operate, basically, on two fronts:

  • Viticulture, supported by 5 hectares of lands cultivated, by majority, with autochthonous grape species. The main one is Grillo, but we have also Catarratto B.L., Nerello Mascalese, Moscato, Carricante and Palava.
  • Olive trees cultivation, with about 800 trees of Belice Valley typical olive’s varieties like Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla, but also ancient and rare varieties like Cerasuola, Piddicuddara, Giarraffa and Murtiddara.



Le Sette Aje lands counts about 7 hectares, basically located in the rich and flourishing area of Contesa Entellina (PA), known for its high quality agricultural production.

The operative office is in Santa Margherita di Belice (AG), where olives are turned into EVO oil. Grapes are, instead, are worked at “Cantine Barbera” winery.


  • C.da Miccina: our wineyards are located basically in Miccina district,  in the territory of Contessa Entellina (PA). In particular, it is possible to reach the wineyard of Miccina KM26 from the SP41 BIS and the wineyard of Miccina “Alta” from the  San Cristoforo di Miccina way.
  •  C.da Arcera:  a little part of our wineyards and all the olive trees are set in Arcera district, located between Santa Margherita Belice (AG) and Contessa Entellina (PA) territories.
  •  Canaddunaschi:   a little area in Arcera district, is for the growth of some olive trees. Those plants get benefit from the particolar ground and micro climate created in this slope, historically suitable for the olive cultivation. The result is the unique taste of the final product.


Our mission is to bring the goodness and the naturalness of our products in people’s homes.

Our products were natural in 1916 and stays natural today:

  • We do not admit the use of pesticides and and chemical fertilizers, dangerous for the product quality;
  • We use avant-garde natural methods, as mycorrhizae, to protect our plants from harmful agents;
  • We rely on peculiar characteristics of the territory where our cultivations growth;
  • We are always present on our lands to follow the growth and the fruits ripening day-by-day

All those features guarantee the top quality of our products.